Pick and Place - Mirae Corporation

        Mirae Corporation Headquarters in Cheonan, South Korea


Mirae Company Introduction

  •  Founded in 1983
  •  Started manufacturing SMT equipment In 1996
  •  Currently have over 3,000 pick and place machines installed worldwide
  • 185 Patents pending worldwide, an additional 100 Patents pending in Korea
  • Second plant opened in 2002
  • Other core businesses include:
    Semiconductor Equipment: Memory, Logic, Flash, Burn-in-Sorter Test Handler,
    Solar applications, sell of linear motor technology to wide variety of mechanical applications
  • Key global accounts include Sandisk Semiconductor, Hynix Semiconductor and LG Electronics


Standard Features

  • Placement speed range of 8,000 CPH (IPC9850) through 42,000 CPH (IPC9850)  
  • Single Conveyor-Single Gantry or Dual Conveyor-Dual Gantry machines available
  • Linear Motors are standard in all Mirae products
    Linear Motors are considered more reliable, longer life span, with less maintenance required
     than belt drive, or ball screw alternatives.
  • Placement Accuracy to +/-25µ (3 sigma)
  • Part size from 01005 inch to 3.54" x 1.18"
  • Board Size from 1.96" x 1.96" to 26.77" x 18.11"
  • Vision inspection system uses multiple vision cameras for superior image and alignment versus the laser alternative.
  • Machine software is intuitive and easy to use with exceptional performance and programming and abilities.
  •  Offline software allows programmers to import Centriod ASCII, CAD, Gerber, or Image files to ensure quick and accurate programming.
  • Trolley System is available with all Mirae machines

         The trolley system allows faster changeover and a reduction in setup time.
          When properly implemented, a job changeover can be done in as little as 5-10 minutes time

  Perfect for the Unique American Market

  • Need to place a wide variety of parts with one pick and place machine
  • Need for exceptional placement accuracy 
  • Need for extremely reliable uptime
    Many companies only have one line. Uptime is paramount to their success.
  •  Purchase price for new equipment still provides a superior cost effective purchase solution.
     With warranty and factory support--creates a better alternative to second hand equipment options.
  • Very low associated maintenance costs over the life of the equipment

  We believe Mirae Pick and Place offers the perfect solution for the North American market.

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